Thursday, May 3, 2012

Clearly I'm NOT a Blogger... New Rules for my Computer Life

So, I tried... I did!!! I want to share all things green with you, I really do! I've realized that I (obviously) don't choose to spend my time doing this. I have the time and I can certainly fit in blogging, but when it comes down to it...there are other things I'd rather be doing! Realizing that sitting at this computer seems like a big fat time waster most days, I'm opting out. It's not full filling-- on the level that it doesn't provide one thing that 'sings to my soul' and besides- it bugs my eyes and my posture sucks when I sit here. So here it is-

New Rules: (which I can say I've been abiding by but still tweaking a bit for about a month now)

1. My "free" time is spent doing things I love or speak the language of love.
I love yoga, I love gardening, I don't love cooking-- but I do love my family eating healthy food- so there's love- one degree of separation. I don't love cleaning- But I do LOVE the way it feels when I've organized a closet or completely simplified my "stuff". There... more "love". I do not feel any love when I realize I've been surfing the net for 20 min in a deep "Uuuuhhhhhhh" blank stare. Lost in the computer = no love.

2. No computer after 8(ish) pm
It's not healthy for sleep patterns (or my marriage!). Zoning out on the computer does not foster conversation with my husband. Besides, I only have from 8-9 to talk to him (sans kids) since he falls asleep by 9 on the couch. After 9, I am learning to resist the temptation to "check" anything on the computer-- instead I watch one "good" TV show and/or read and hit the sack by 10:30-11 Waaaaaaay better for my soul.

3. Less quantity, deeper understanding
I am an information JUNKIE!! I admit it... I'll research the hell out of anything. I'll read any book put in front of me. I have many Cliff Claven useless facts taking up room in my brain. When I'm "learning" so many new tidbits of information via the net I can feel my brain get bogged down. As much as I LOVE it, I need to sloooooooow down and realize I can't learn and deeply understand all that I want to know in a 15 min (web) surf session. That sort of superficial information overload just seems to clog up the superhighway of neural connections. Deeper understanding, deeper meaning-- and storing into my long term memory is my goal.

4. One 24 hour period each week completely disconnecting
I admit... I've sent a text or two during this period. Geeesh...I said I was still tweaking things a bit. But I love this idea, I'm getting better and better at it. And it's truly amazing how much TIME you have when you disconnect.

So, I've decided for May, to keep me motivated as to not sink back into old computer patterns, to add a couple layers. To fill my computer-less time with more meaningful things. Now, I understand it's only May 3rd...but I'm 100% so far. :)
I'm putting it out there in writing, because now I'm accountable for it. Who knows maybe I'll blog about it at the end of May! (or not)

I'm doing two things everyday in May-

1- meditate- 5 min, 15 min--doesn't matter. I've gotten away from meditating and I see a huge difference in my mental chatter and bits of anxiety creeping in. 30 days of meditation to get back on the wagon- mentally.

2- one organizing/simplifying task each day. I love this. Today it's as simple as cleaning out the frig and pantry.

OK, I've maxed out my computer time. I'm out.

Do something you love today.